Also, it didn’t totally suck to finally be with this guy this weekend :)

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One last thing. It blows my mind how it’s horribly offensive and politically incorrect to make fun of a religious holiday, UNLESS it’s a Christian religious holiday. I’ve seen people say such offensive things today and it breaks my heart and it’s so frustrating.

Also, if you’re going to make fun of or disrespect a religious holiday, you’re just a low person

Happy Happy Easter! So thankful for this day today and every day. I’m so thankful for all the blessings God has given me in my life and the sacrifice Jesus made for me (and you) so many years ago. Hope everyone has a great day, whether you celebrate Easter or not! So happy to be here with my family today and not have to go back to school until late tonight. :)

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The mind, just like the body, becomes exactly what it is fed. While the body is nourished by healthy food, the mind is nourished by positive thoughts.


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Healthy breakfast!

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Say it before you run out of time. Say it before it’s too late. Say what you’re feeling. Waiting is a mistake.